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March 31, 2017

The action "Stop Grass fires"

    On March 31st, The Municipal Commandant of the State Fire Service at the place of the Rescue and Fire Unit No. 7 in Wroclaw organized an information meeting for media representatives concerning the campaign „STOP grass fires”. Starting the meeting, the Deputy Commandant of the City major Remigiusz Adamańczyk stressed that the launch date of the campaign is not accidental since the months of March and April are a period in which the number of grass fires is increasing drastically. As more than 90% of such fires are caused by people, they have asked the current media representatives to reach out to as many local communities as possible to raise awareness of the negative ecological and economic effects we bear on Everyone and what legal effects people may have which will trigger such a fire. Then major Mariusz Piasecki Head of the Operations and Training Department presented statistics on the number of firefighters to events in the city and county related to grass fires and agricultural wastes. The meeting was also attended by representatives:
  • Regional Directorate of State Forests in Wroclaw - Tomasz Międzyrzecki - Deputy Forest Inspectorate, Miękinia Forest District.
  • City Police Headquarters - aspirant Wojciech Jabłoński from the press section of the Police Headquarters in Wroclaw.
  • City Guard of Wroclaw.

Information developed: mł. bryg. Mariusz Piasecki
Information translated: Alexandros Mawromatis

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