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March 17, 2017

Fatal accident in Kobierzyce

   On March 15th, on the National Road No. 8 in Kobierzyce there was an accident involving two vehicles. After an emergency arrival at the place of the firefighters, the Rescue Coordinator has determined that a head-on collision has occurred between two passenger cars. As a result of the accident, two people (drivers of vehicles) were injured in the vehicles. One of the drivers was under the influence of conscious events, with visible head injuries and fractures of the lower limbs. The second victim was unconscious, lack of vital functions, multiple injuries. At the arrival of firefighters in the injured was conducted indirect cardiac massage by witnesses of the incident. Both victims were evacuated from the vehicles using hydraulic tools, which were transferred to the medical rescue teams, one was taken to hospital after providing medical assistance and the other one the doctor He declared death.

Information developed: Kamil Bokwa Information translated: Alexandros Mawromatis

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