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European Emergency Number 112

   EU Commission encourages them to do every year on February 11 through various activities aimed to remind residents about 112, common to all the emergency number. Such activity began Finland in 1997. Celebrating the Day of European Emergency Number 112 have to raise public awareness how it operates the number 112.
   Emergency Number 112 should be used when you do not know how to identify the hazards in dimension 3 current emergency numbers, starting with "9" or when intervention is required of all services at the same time. With 112 continues to operate existing emergency numbers:
  • Fire Brigade - 998,
  • Ambulance - 999,
  • Police - 997,

What happens when you call the 112 number?

   The operator receives our notification (also in a foreign language) and take him directly or forward them to appropriate services (Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Police). It should contain your name, address and telephone number. These data are necessary to identify the caller, and in particular to avoid multiple notifications for the same event. Do not disconnect if you've reached the number 112 by mistake! Tell the operator that everything is in order, and selected the number by mistake.

When I call the "112"?

   This number is only for notification of emergency health risk to life or property, such as fires, traffic accidents, thefts, burglaries, in the case of violent, sudden fainting and loss of consciousness, serious injury and strong bleeding cases of electric shock, identification a person wanted by the police, another sudden-threatening situation health, life or safety and public order. Addresses of the parties to promote and provide information on the rules for the use and functioning of the 112 emergency number
   Adresy stron propagujących i dostarczających informacje na temat zasad korzystania i funkcjonowania numeru alarmowego 112.
  • - European Commission's website presents current information on the activities of the European Emergency Number 112
  • - information about activities undertaken in Poland concerning the operation of the 112 emergency number and work on its dissemination,
  • - version for children with language selection in Polish The film promotes 112 prepared by the European Commission
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